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Breeder: Cannarado Genetics


Runtz x (Grape Pie x Mac)


50/50 Hybrid


8-9 weeks


Potency Test Results: (link to Kaprikorn's THC and terp results)

THC: 35% (indoor)

THC: 34% (indoor)

THC: 33%, 33% (indoor)

THC: 32%, 32% (indoor)

THC: 31% (indoor)

THC: 30% (indoor)

THC: 29%, 29% (indoor)

THC: 27% (indoor)


Yield: heavy


Grow Difficulty: intermediate


Grow Type: indoor, early light deps


Kaprikorn's Description:

Spritzer is an indica dominant strain with heavy yields and low flower stretch. She forms a 3-4 nodal top cola with bulbous golf ball sized buds beneath. Spritzer grows beautiful, stacked calyxes all over her dense buds, with heavy bubble gum terps. She has a high trichome production, putting a silver tint all over her purple and green buds. Spritzer will require extra trellising and support in late flower due to her heavy, dense buds. This strain is an overall intermediate strain to grow best suited for indoors, and early deps.


*potency test results provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut


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