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Kaprikorn Flower

Since 2017, Kaprikorn has been dedicated to providing the best supply of cannabis clones to Oregon recreational producers and medical growers--and now we're flowering them out too! At our new facility located in Eugene, Oregon we cultivate unique flavors of indoor flower in living soil. We are locally owned and operated, no investors, just Oregonians. 

Better Serving our Clone Customers

Kaprikorn now trials every strain prior to releasing them as clones. This allows us to ensure we are providing excellent genetics to OLCC recreational licensed farms, OMMP growers and dispensaries. We take photos of every strain in flower and once trimmed, keep detailed grower's notes on each strain and take smoke notes. Now we can better help our customers pick the ideal strain for their grow and troubleshoot any issues that pop up. If we wouldn't grow it again, we won't sell it to you!



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