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Custom Order Details:

  • Custom Orders are solely available to Oregon recreational licensed farms. If you are an OMMP medical patient feel free to check out our live menu to place an order.

  • Clones take about 18 days to root from the day they are cut.

  • Our custom cut menu shows a list of strains that are usually available for bulk orders. 

  • Our crew will physically check the plants to verify what date they can cut on them, it may differ from what is shown on this menu as we receive custom orders throughout the day that affect availability.

  • Scheduling the cut date will vary based on strain availability as well as the openness in our current cut schedule.


custom order details

Production Strains

Click Table Titles to Sort

Sort for tested strains + read about the cross, dominance, and flower time of each strain

see what we currently already have ready in clone and teen form

learn details about our products and ordering process




  • Call to verify that plants have adequate capacity for your order

  • All orders must be pre-ordered via phone or email

  • Rec Farms hoping to visit our facility can call in to schedule a visit

order size

Premium clones: 40 minimum per strain

Standard clones: 200 minimum total

40 per strain

pick up/delivery

Pick Up:




12:30-1:00 and weekends


contact us for details

light cycle And clone feed

Clones are grown under 24hrs of leds. They are at 140-150μMol upon leaving

Clones leave our facility fed about 1100 ppm and with a pH around 5.5. The feed is very similar Clonex Clone Solution

See more detailed ordering and product info here


Premium clones

standard clones







6-8" tall cuts in 2" rockwool

all sorted for quality and rooting





3-5" tall cuts in 1.5" rockwool

all sorted for quality and rooting

Bulk pricing is based on your monthly order qty


  • A 50% deposit is required to hold and prepare your order (via cash, check, credit card or ACH bank transfer)

  • Deposits are non-refundable and orders may not be changed once the deposit is submitted

  • Orders must be picked up by the last date listed on the memo on your invoice. This is located on the bottom left of the invoice (click "print or save" in the invoice email to view)

  • Orders pushed past this date will be canceled and deposit will be retained by Kaprikorn and may not be used toward a future order

  • Kaprikorn enforces this policy to ensure quality standards are met. Clones are living products with a limited shelf life

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