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Dispensary clones

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Indoor Grown 4" Potted Plants in Organic Soil

Kaprikorn provides indoor grown cannabis starts in 4" pots to dispensaries in Oregon. Dispensaries may pick from a list of up potted plants. ​

Ready For Sale Plants

Pick plants from the menu below. 

  • Pick 8 minimum per strain and 40 total, must order 60 total for delivery. If there are less than 8 of a given strain we ask that you take the rest. 

  • Pick plants within the same ready date range (no more than 5 days apart)

  • Plants must reach their ready date before they can leave our facility 

Sort for tested strains + read about the cross, dominance, and flower time of each strain

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call for details

Minimum order size

4" Pot Plants:

8 per strain,

40 total

must order 60 plants total for delivery

If there are less than eight 4" plants listed per strain we ask that you take the rest of that strain

pick up/delivery

Pick Up​:




12:30-1:00 and weekends


contact us for details

light cycle and Clone feed

Clones are planted into organic soil at our facility. To feed, we recommend using Roots Organics Buddha grow at the rate of 5-10mL/gallon at your dispensary

4" plants are grown under 24hrs of light in our indoor clone room 

Where to Purchase

Find our vigorous potted clones at a dispensary near you! 


  • Hover over the map pins to see the dispensary name, address, latest drop date, and strains delivered

  • After bringing your plant home we recommend you plant it into a 1-2 gallon pot and harden off plants before putting them directly outdoors. More information on hardening off plants can be found here

  • All dispensary clones are planted in Organic Matters Soil: Locally sourced ingredients, small-batch crafted, consistent, balanced nutrition for high-performance gardens

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