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Breeder: MidWestBest


Cherry Pie x Dosidos


Indica Dominant


9 weeks


Difficulty: intermediate


Yield: moderate


Potency Test Results:

29% THC (indoor)

28% THC (indoor)


Grow type: indoor, light dep


Kaprikorn's Description:

Cherry Dosi is a moderate yielding indica dominant strain thats has a gassy sweet fruity nose. This strain forms a 3-5 nodal top cola with a loose disconnected cola structure beneath. The buds are dense with a moderate leaf to calyx ratio and they form a mix of moderate to long sized restacked calyxes. The buds are half dollar sized with a mix of light and deep purple hues throughout. This strain put out a heavy trichome coverage that will extended out to the sugar leaves and fan leaves. This strain will double in size in flower and is more of a lateral grower than a vertical grower. This strain will require extra support in late flower, and is a more hand on strain for pruning and defoliation. Overall this is a intermediate strain to grow that can be sensitive to overwatering, it is best suited for indoor and light depped grows.


Smoking Profile:

Cherry Dosi smells, tastes, and feels like a late afternoon cup of tea. Opening a container of Cherry Dosi, you will be hit with the delicate and delectable aroma of earthy, woody, black tea. Upon consumption, the flavor develops to have lightly fruity and floral notes of cherry and plum blossoms, that balance the subtley bitter flavor of coffee or black tea. Cherry Dosi creates a really balanced high, with euphoria and positivity, while maintaining excellent full-body relaxation. This strain would be excellent for any time of day, but feels like the perfect late afternoon / early evening pick-me-up.

Cherry Dosi

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