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Breeder: Lit


GMO x Project 4516


Indica Dominant


9-10.5 weeks


Difficulty: hard


Yield: heavy


Grow type: indoor, light dep, outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description:

8” Bagel is a heavy-yielding Indica dominant strain. This strain forms 4-6 nodal top cola with a tightly disconnected cola structure beneath giving it the appearance of braiding. The buds are dense golf ball sized with a moderate leaf to calyx ratio, and some sizable, restacked calyxes. The buds are a mix of dark and light green in color with very soft purple hues and have long pistils making the buds look “hairy”. This strain likes to grow tall and will triple in size in flower. This strain is very sturdy and won’t require a bunch of extra support it is however very hands on for plant maintenance. 8” Bagel has a very dense canopy and will require multiple pruning/defoliations throughout her grow cycle. This strain has a very high demand for nutrients making it more difficult to pair up with other strains for comingled growing and irrigation set ups. Overall, this strain is a more difficult strain to grow than other due to feeding habits and flower stretch.

8" Bagel

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