We specialize in Oregon cannabis clones and seeds for OLCC licensed recreational marijuana producers and OMMP medical growers. Let us know what your farm is missing and we'll help you find a great strain out of our extensive strain library.

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Hop Latent viroid infected Chemdog.jpeg
Chemdog (same age as infected).jpeg

Visible effect of Hop Latent Viroid AKA “Dudding Disease” – same strain and age

Photos courtesy of Dark Heart Nursery

Kaprikorn's mother plants are created from donor plants that were themselves test-negative at least three times over the previous 3-4 months. New moms test negative at least twice prior to being added to the mother block.



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Located near Eugene, Oregon, Kaprikorn is dedicated to providing you with the best supply of cannabis clones and seeds for your budget. We know from personal experience just how hard it can be to find quality clones. That's why in 2017 we decided to shift our flower operation to full scale clone and seed production.  We offer tours to interested farms and are happy to share all aspects of our integrated pest management program.



Interested in doing business with us? Send us an email and let us know your OLCC recreational license number and business name, or your full name. If you are a medical patient please text or email us a photo of your patient card prior to ordering. Once we know you can legally purchase from us we can move on to the ordering process! Unfortunately we are legally not able to sell plants to the public. 

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