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Indica Dominant


Mendo Breath x F2 Purple Punch


8-9 weeks


Potency Test Results: (link to Kaprikorn's THC and terp results)

THC: 28%

THC: 27% (indoor)

THC: 25%

THC: 24% (indoor)


Yield: heavy


Difficulty: easy


Grow type: indoor, light dep, outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description:

Punch Breath is an indica dominant strain that smells like fresh berries, and grape swisher sweets. She forms a 5+ nodal top cola with a tightly disconnected cola structure beneath giving it the appearance of braiding. Her buds are dense with a low leaf to calyx ratio and are a mix of light and dark shades of purple with green undertones. She puts out a very high amount of trichome production that encases her buds in a silvery thick layer of trichomes all over and forms trichome “tacos” on her sugar leaves. The buds are a mix of golf ball and half dollar in size and have a small amount og calyx restacking giving her buds a bulbus shape. Punch Breath is very vigorous strain that will double in size in flower. She is a fairly easy strain to defoliate and prune due to her open branch style structure. An overall easy strain to grow that will do well in any style grow. Due to her shorter growing time, she is an excellent choice for outdoor growers.

Punch Breath

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