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Indica Dominant


Mendo Breath x Chocolate Frosting


8-9 weeks


Potency Test Results: (link to Kaprikorn's THC and terp results)

THC: 29% (indoor)

THC: 28%, 28% (indoor)

THC: 27%, 27% (indoor)

THC: 26% (indoor)


Difficulty: intermediate


Yield: heavy


Grow type: indoor, light dep, outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description:

Mendo Coco is a heavy yielding Indica dominant strain that has a nutty chocolate peppery scent profile. This strain forms a 3-5 nodal top cola with a disconnected cola structure beneath. Her buds are dense with a moderate leaf to calyx ratio and range in quarter-half dollar in size. She has purple hues throughout out with bright orange hairs and puts out a high trichome production with trichomes extending out to her fan leaves. This strain will double in size in flower while having moderate vertical growth and a lower lateral growth. Doing multiple toppings and proper trellis training will help to encourage lateral growth. Mendo Coco is a moderate feeder during the first 4 weeks of flower but will show a higher demand for nutrients during week 5 and 6 of flower. Overall a intermediate strain to grow than will do well in any style of grow.

Mendo Coco

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