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Breeder: Cannarado x Compound


Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato


Indica dominant


8-9 weeks


Potency Test: (Link to Kaprikorn's Terp and THC results)

THC: 34% (indoor)

THC: 31% (indoor)

THC: 30%, 30% (indoor)

THC: 29%, 29%, 29%, 29% (indoor)

THC: 28%, 28%, 28%, 28%, 28% (indoor)

THC: 27% (indoor)

THC: 26% (indoor)

THC: 23% (indoor)


Yield: heavy


Grow difficulty: easy


Grow type: indoor, outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description:

Grape Gasoline is an indica dominant hybrid that produces medium yields. She forms a disconnected cola structure that has 3-4 nodal top knot with dense small-medium sized buds beneath. This strain has a very pungent fruity grape, gassy nose. The buds on Grape Gasoline are deep purple with light green hues throughout, and completely covered in silver trichomes. She is a fairly sturdy strain and won’t require too much extra late season support. She puts on a low flower stretch and has a dense inner canopy, which will benefit from outward trellis training to increase canopy size. Grape Gasoline is an overall easy strain to grow and will do well in both indoor, outdoor and light dep grows.


Smoking Profile:

Grape Gasoline is an exquisite strain that creates a potent body high, relaxing muscles and a happy, warm, and cozy smoking experience. This strain smells sweet, like candied fruit. The flavor is where more gasoline pokes through, which is heavier on the gas and lighter on the fruit, creating a sweet diesel flavor profile.


*potency test results provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut

Grape Gasoline

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