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Breeder: DEO


Rainbow Sherbet x Pink Guava


50/50 Hybrid


8-10 weeks


Difficulty: intermediate


Yield: moderate


Grow Type: indoor, light dep


Kaprikorn's Description:

Zoap is a moderately yielding 50/50 hybrid that has a strong nose of sweet gassy notes. This strain forms a 3-5 nodal top cola with a loose disconnected cola structure beneath. The buds are dense and ½ dollar sized with a moderate leaf-to-calyx ratio. They are deep purple with long bright orange pistils and a silvery blanket of trichomes encapsulating them. This strain grows equally vertically and laterally and is well uniformed. It will double in size in flower and is mostly sturdy with some floppy secondaries. Zoap will be more of a hands-on strain to defoliate and prune. Zoap starts as a light feeder for the first 3 weeks of flower then becomes a moderate feeder. In our experience with this strain, we have noticed it is more prone to overwatering than other strains. If overwatered it is difficult to baby, it back we therefore recommend growing with care. Overall, an intermediate strain to grow that will do best indoors and light deps.


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