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Breeder: Ziplock Seeds


Trop Souffle x Animal Sorbet


Sativa Dominant


9 weeks


Potency Test: (Link to Kaprikorn's Terp and THC results)

THC: 23%


Yield: moderate-heavy


Difficulty: easy


Grow types: outdoor, indoor/light dep


Kaprikorn's Description:

Tropsicle is a medium-heavy yielding Sativa dominant strain. She forms a 4-5 nodal top cola with a tightly disconnected cola structure beneath giving it the appearance of braiding. Her buds are deep purple in color and have a silver haze over the top from the high amount of trichome coverage. The trichomes are so thick in this strain they extend out to the fan leaves creating “resin tacoing” on all her leaves. The buds are dense ½ dollar sized and have a very low leaf-to-calyx ratio. Tropsicle has a unique nose, she smells earthy, food gas (like a beef stew), and a little sweet minty. This strain will double in size in flower and is a vertical growing strain. She has a low canopy density and sturdy branches with little floppiness. This makes her a more hands-off strain when it comes to plant maintenance. She has an average uptake ability she isn't a sensitive feeder, and she isn't a heavy feeder. Overall, the Tropsicle is an easy strain to grow for any level of grower, and any style of grow.


*potency test results provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut