Bred By: Reserva Privada, DNA Genetics 


Selected by: Professor Toad


Clone Only x Crocket's Selection


Sativa dominant: 70/30


8-9 weeks


Potency Test:

THC: 23-26%

THC: 21% (outdoor)


Yield: moderate-heavy


Grow Type: Indoor, light deprivation


Professor Toad's Description:

Tangie is an extremely easy strain to cultivate that truly smells like Tangerines. These plants will start off small and growth will seem a bit slow at first, but growers will be amazed around week three in veg when these plants suddenly blast off. It's a good idea to flower this genetic a bit earlier than other strains because it stretches a lot in flower. It can be pulled at 8 weeks or later at 9 weeks for extra plump buds.


This plant is a marvelous strain for growers. The internodal spacing is far apart producing huge resinous nugs, but also requiring the least amount of actual physical labor and deleafing. After a good trim up, this is a plant you let grow and forget about.


The test results from Tangie always come in around 23-26% with terpene contents as high as 3.5-4% when grown in proper soils. This is a classic, and unlike some tangie variants that yield low, this one DOES NOT yield low. The yield is moderate to high, and the buds are some of the stinkiest best smelling ones on the market.