*Agreement Not to Propagate Required*


Breeder/Seedbank: Humboldt Seed Company


Genetics: Blueberry Muffin #10 x Tangie


Type: Sativa Dominant (75/25)


Smell: Very loud sweet grapefruit smell, way stronger smell than other grapefruits


Flavor: A wonderful citrus flavor that’s absolutely irresistible


Appearance: Vigorous plants with frosty green and purple buds…a wonderful plant to grow


Effects: An uplifting high that has the function-ability of sativa but the body high of Blueberry Muffin


Harvest: 50 Days (Sept. 20 – Oct. 1st)


Humboldt's Potency Test Results:

THC: 19-27% (Humboldt Seed Co. Results)

THC: 19% (outdoor)

THC: 16%, 16%, 16% (indoor)

THC: 14% (indoor)

THC: 13% (indoor)


Grow Difficulty: easy


Grow Type: Outdoor, light deprivation 


Humboldt Seed Company's Description:

A pink grapefruit in a flower, the Squirt is a true anomaly of terpenes. The smell will have you coming back for more day after day. This is a healthy F1 hybrid that’s only available in clone form. Make your farm or garden stand out from the rest with this wonderful brand new terpene rich strain from Humboldt Seed Company’s 2018, 10k plant Phenotype Mega-Hunt! Great for full season, light dep and indoor!


Kaprikorn's Description: 

Squirt is a sativa dominant, laterally growing strain that is a squat, wide, bushy plant. Tight nodal spacing forming very dense connected colas makes this strain very high yielding. She puts out a high trichome production creating a layer of thick resin all over the buds and leaves. Squirt is a vigorous growing plant that will double in vertical height during flower stretch. She is a very dense plant with lots of small sized fan leaves throughout, making this strain very hands-on for pruning and defoliating, but very necessary to allow light in through her dense canopy. Squirt is a sturdy plant, however, full season extra support is necessary to hold up her long, lateral, heavy side arms. Squirt has a very strong, unique nose with lots of resin making her a great candidate for oil production. Overall, she is an easy to grow, early finishing strain for any skill level gower. Squirt does very well both indoor and outdoors.