Breeder: Crockett Family Farms

Sour D (AJ's Cut) x Banana Sherbet

50/50 Hybrid

8-9 weeks

Potency Test:

THC: 22%

Yield: moderate-heavy

Grow Difficulty: easy

Grow Type: Indoor, outdoor,

light dep

Kaprikorn's Description: 

Sour Banana Sherbert #3 was selected as part of Kaprikorn's 2020 phenohunt. This 50/50 hybrid yields well and performs great in light deps and greenhouse environments. 


SBS#3 likes to grow tall and throw long lateral arms. This strain forms a dense, resinous, 6-8" nodal top cola with a disconnected cola structure beneath. She will do a moderate flower stretch, doubling in size, and will require late season support for her heavy colas. She is a moderate to heavy yielding strain, so doing multiple toppings will help to maximize her canopy and increase yields.


She has an open branch structure making this a very easy, hands-off strain for pruning and defoliation. Sour Banana Sherbert produces a unique terpene profile with hints of gassy, fruity, and creamy yogurt terps. This strain is easy to grow and finishes in 8-9 weeks making her an ideal choice for any grow.

Sour Banana Sherbet #3