Breeder: Swamp Boys

Lime Kush x GMO/TK Skunk

Indica dominant

9 weeks +/-​

Potency Test:

THC: tbd

Yield: heavy

Grow Difficulty: intermediate

Grow Type: indoor, light dep

Kaprikorn's Description: 

The Shoki was selected as part of Kaprikorn's 2020 phenohunt and was yet another crew favorite!


This vigorous, indica dominant strain will get very tall and heavy, so she will need extra support throughout her growth cycle. She forms long, connected colas with a higher leaf to calyx ratio, and puts out heavy trichome production. Giving Shoki a heavy defoliation will help to focus energy to harden up her buds.


This strain will be more hands on due to her long, large colas and her overall height, however the yield and quality is very rewarding. Due to the longer flowering time on this strain, she will be best suited for light dep and indoor grows. Shoki is an intermediate strain to grow.