Selected by: Professor Toad


Girl Scout x Star Killer OG


Indica dominant


8-9 weeks


Potency Test:

Avg: 22-26%


Yield: heavy


Grow Difficulty: difficult


Grow Type: Indoor, light deprivation


Professor Toad's Description:

I am happy to finally share this strain. It’s actually locally bred strain as well. PNW raised. The growth of Pudding does not mirror any of its parents, it does not grow like an OG or a GSC.. The structure is short and stout with very tight internodal spacing. The trim up is very easy, and spacing is very easy due to its short stretch during flowering. There is not many off shoot branches to trim up as well.


Yields are incredible with dense large nugs. You can easily get 2.5 a light and upwards to 3 if you have a flawless grow. I'd recommend packing tight. At 8 weeks it is completely finished and is on a lighter green side. I run it for 9 weeks, to get a little more plump out of her and to darken/purple it up.


However, it is a finicky strain and may take some practice getting used to. I can honestly say that each and every time I grow her, I get slightly better. It is not the finickiest strain, and for any grower that has a dialed in system it WILL produce well. If you a newer to the growing world she may present a slight challenge but the challenge is well worth it.

Pudding likes heavy feeds, but it also likes consistency. Constant strength nutrients. Constant PH. Constant temperature and Co2 situation. Anything that may disrupt that constant may cause this plant to stall a little.


The smell is true to the name. Strait OG. You cannot get any more OG than this strain right here. That Pine forest soaked in Gasoline is strong with this one. I ran out of gas one day And I actually dropped a half gram nug in my pick up truck and I was able to drive to the gas station. (Ok maybe that’s not a true story, my truck is unleaded and this strain is strait diesel 😜😜). There is a slight dough GCS undertone as well.


This strain can turn purple, but it will only do that under cold conditions. You will need to be able to drop your room under 65+ at night for the last week to really get that purp out. Otherwise it will stay a dark green. The purple that it takes on is the most beautiful and unique bluish or purples.

*potency test results provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut