Breeder:  In House Genetics


Platinum OG x OG KB


Indica Dominant

9-10 weeks


Anticipated Avg THC: 


Yield:  moderate-heavy

Grow Difficulty:  easy

Grow Type: indoor


Kaprikorn's Description: 

Platinum Kush Breath is a vigorous indica-dominant strain. She has tight nodal spacing forming  8-10" nodal top colas. This strain takes on a platinum-silver shade over her purple hues in heavy flower due to its extremely high trichome production causing her sugar leaves to "taco".  Platinum Kush Breath is a heavy yielding strain with no particular sensitivities. She will however be a little bit more hands on for pruning and defoliation, and will definitely benefit from multiple topping to maximize her canopy. This strain will also require extra flower support due to her heavy colas. Platinum Kush Breath is an overall easy strain to grow that will be sure to impress.   

Platinum Kush Breath