Pakistani Lemon Kush X OG Kush


Indica dominant


7-8 weeks


Potency Test:

THC: 29% (indoor)

THC: 25%, 25% (indoor, outdoor)

THC: 24% (outdoor)

THC: 23%, 23%, 23% (indoor, outdoor)

THC: 22%, 22%, 22% (indoor)

THC: 21% (indoor)

THC: 20%, 20%, 20%, 20%, 20%, 20%, 20% (indoor, outdoor)

THC: 19%, 19%, 19%, 19% (indoor)

THC: 18%, 18% (indoor, outdoor)

THC: 17%, 17% (indoor)


Yield: moderate-heavy 


Grow Difficulty: easy


Grow Type: Indoor, light deprivation, outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description:

True to its name, this Lemon Kush has a powerfully sweet, lemon aroma. This strain can get incredibly frosty, in fact, one of our customers said it was so frosty that he thought it was moldy at first glance.  Our customers have gotten moderate to heavy yields. It forms dense, frosty, medium-sized buds that may turn purple with colder temperatures. Lemon Kush is an indica dominant plant with squat stature and emphasis on lateral growth. It forms a dense 4-5" top cola with budsites dispersed at moderate internodal spacing below. It will stretch mostly laterally in flower and puts on a huge amount of trichome production causing the leaves to "taco" from being so encrusted with crystals. This strain needs extra support for her heavy side branches and top colas, and will do best with heavy pruning on its lower and middle branches. Lemon Kush is an especially great strain for outdoor growing due to her early finishing and mold resistance. Though it holds up very well in wet weather,  it will also perform well indoors. An easy strain for any skill level.


"This strain faired pretty well with the wet climate and it had a decent yield. This made it our favorite strain." - customer feedback

"Lemon Kush grows great! She's a beautiful plant with nice internodal spacing and great aroma! She smokes very smooth." - customer feedback

"Very strong lemon smell as the name suggests. Awesome smell. Really good natural structure on the plant. Pretty sturdy but not the biggest plants in the house. About average or a little under average size for the plants. Medium sized buds that are very frosty and had purple throughout." - customer feedback


"Lemon Kush has constantly surprised us. Even in veg frost was gathering on fan leaves and pistils. She is going to have some insane resin rails as she matures..." - customer feedback


*potency test results and yield information provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut


Lemon Kush