Breeder: Swamp Boys

Wedding Cake x GMO/TK Skunk

Indica dominant

9 weeks +/-​

Potency Test:

THC: 28%

Yield: moderate-heavy

Grow Difficulty: easy-intermediate

Grow Type: indoor, outdoor,

light dep

Kaprikorn's Description: 

Layer Cake was selected as part of Kaprikorn's 2020 phenohunt and performed extremely well for us. This strain thrived in our deps, and has also been trialed with great success in a greenhouse environment. 


This strain has a disconnected cola structure with large, dense buds going down her branches. This heavy yielder will require some late season support for those heavy buds. Layer Cake stretches quite a bit and is a pretty tall strain, so multiple toppings will help maintain her height.


This strain is super terpy, it's got a spicy citrus aroma layered with sweet creamy scent. 

Layer Cake (easy-inter)