GreenFire Genetics

Jet Fuel Gelato x Mochi Gelato

Indica 55/45

8-10 weeks


Anticipated Avg THC:


Yield:  moderate-heavy

Grow Difficulty: difficult

Grow type: indoor/outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description:

Horchata is a medium yielding indica dominant strain that forms tight 3-4 nodal "top knot" colas. Below her "top knot" colas are small to medium sized dense buds all the way down her branches giving her more of a disconnected flower structure. This strain puts out beautiful light purple hues and a heavy amount of trichome production. Horchata is a little bit more of a vertical grower than a lateral one, so giving her multiple topping will help to increase her canopy size and yields. She has a very dense inner canopy so pruning and defoliation will help to allow light into the middles. Horchata likes to run on the drier side, and can be more sensitive than other strains to overwatering and overfertilization we recommend growing with care. Overall Horchata is a more difficult strain to grow she is best suited for  light depped or indoor grows with a more experienced grower.