Breeder: Homegrown Natural Wonders

Mad Scientist x Timewreck


Indica 60/40

8-9 weeks


Anticipated Avg THC:


Yield: moderate-heavy

Grow Difficulty: easy-intermediate

Grow Type: indoor/outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description: 

The Dr Who is a vigorous Indica dominant strain that stays small to medium in height, and won't put on that epic flower stretch. She has a squat bushy structure with lateral arms, and tons of secondary shoots making her canopy very dense. Due to her growth pattern she will benefit from heavier amounts of pruning, and defoliation. This will allow more light into her inner canopy, and help with pest management. Dr Who is a moderate to heavy yielding strain. Multiple toppings and proper pruning methods will help to increase her yields. This strain is overall an easy to intermediate strain to grow.  

Dr Who