Breeder: WyEast Farms

Biscotti x The Menthol

Indica 70/30

8-10 weeks


Anticipated Avg THC:



Grow Difficulty: Difficult 


Kaprikorn's Description: 

The Cold Snap is an indica dominant strain that forms 3-4 tight nodal "top knot" cola with a disconnected cola structure beneath. The buds that form below her tops are dense and small to medium in size with beautiful purple hues.

She produces a heavy amount of trichome production putting a thick white layer of trichomes all over her buds. Cold Snap has more squat and bushy structure with large fan leaves and long petioles. Due to her dense canopy she will need to be  defoliated, and thinned out multiple times.

She will put on a moderate flower stretch, and extra flower support will be necessary to support her buds. This strain is more prone than others to over fertilization and over watering, therefore we recommend growing with care.

With proper attention and growing techniques, the quality will be rewarding. Overall Cold Snap is a more difficult strain to grow and is better suited for a more skilled grower. This strain is best suited for indoor and light dep grows.  

Cold Snap