Breeder: Lumpy's Flowers


Sour Apple x Animal Cookies




8-9 weeks/ Mid-October


THC: 22%


Yield: moderate-heavy


Grow Difficulty: intermediate


Grow Type: indoor/outdoor


Kaprikorn's Description:

Apple Fritter is a heavy yielding 50/50 hybrid with a sweet cheesy fruity terpene profile. A very vigorous growing strain that forms 8-10 tight nodal top colas with large golf ball sized buds beneath. This strain has beautiful magenta colored hues throughout, with a thick white frosty layer of trichomes covering her buds. Apple Fritter will put on a good stretch in flower and she throws lots of secondary side arms, so extra support for transitioning into flower will help to hold up her heavy colas. This is a heavy feeding strain due to her vigorous growth patterns. The Apple Fritter will perform well in any style of grow, and is an overall easy strain to grow.  

Apple Fritter